Social Media Marketing

Social media is arguably the most powerful communication tool ever invented. No other platform provides the level of engagement, reach, and immediacy that social media provides.  If properly managed, social media marketing can launch your company into an entirely new level of success. Your social media channels, however, must be carefully guided to ensure proper engagement, customer responsiveness and reputation management. These efforts will help support and grow the efficiency of all forms of digital marketing – including SEO and SEM – by helping build natural links and drive traffic, awareness, brand recognition and goodwill. What are you waiting for? Our team is ready to help put you on Top.

Our Services

Social Media Strategy Development

At Top, we work to provide value to our clients through both full management and consultancy services. We can work with your team, or serve as your in-house team in developing an effective social media strategy that will allow your business to grow beyond your expectations.

Social Media Management

Our social media management services are proven to accelerate growth, generate new customers, and build brand value through positive social engagement. From original content to online promotions, to customer relations, we take great pride in serving all of clients social media needs, and helping our clients rapidly accelerate their growth.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media advertising platforms provide an unparalleled level of targeting capabilities. When properly managed, paid opportunities in social media offer incredible efficiencies, can be implemented with modest budgets, and help generate immediate returns on investment.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is the strategic implementation of social media platforms in order to achieve your company’s goals. Our social media marketing strategies combine digital branding, original content creation, public relations efforts, customer communications, and paid social media advertising.

Why do you need Social Media Management?


Your customers are on social media right now.

The majority of your potential customers are using social media on a daily basis. It is important that you keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you stay top of mind, and well ahead of your competition.

People are searching for your business in social media.

Potential customers search on social media for products and businesses, and pay close attention to what other customers have said. We are experts at helping businesses join in the conversation, and properly manage their online reputation.

Customers may talk about your company on social media.

You need to listen to what your customers are saying about your company on social media and respond to their concerns quickly and with professionalism. Our social media management services focus on highlighting the positive aspects of your business and responding sincerely to negative remarks.

Social Media offers incredible opportunities.

We realize that your focus is on running your business.  Proper social media management can be a full time job, but it requires seasoned experts to manage it properly and to avoid costly missteps. From creating original content, to daily customer communication to paid advertising management, we have the staff, expertise, and the time to manage it for you.

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

How can we help you?

Most of our business comes from recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. Your brand and your company are valuable, and we know how to help utilize social media in the most efficient ways possible in order to achieve your goals. We’re here to help, and standing by to help your company rise above your competitors.

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